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Little Miss Muffet, Google and Cheap SEO

I was sitting at my computer trying to write another article on Cheap SEO when I noticed a very tiny spider with a red body and black legs zipping around on my computer screen. It was so small it was not threatening at all and therefore my eyes followed it about when it was against the lighted surface of the screen but when it would wander into the small black border around the outside of the screen it was visible only as a tiny red dot, barely able to be seen at all.

In that area of the screen it looked like the tiny red dot that you can see on the back of a black widow spider which is what clearly distinguishes it as a dangerous spider to be feared. The red dot separates the black widow spider from just any other black spider, many of which would not be dangerous. These simple black spiders might indeed scare a "Little Miss Muffet" type but would not be frightening to a capable male like myself at all.

Fairly quickly I lost interest in the tiny arachnid and went on with my writing until the events I am about to describe for you refocused my attention on the little bugger once again. Then, as you may imagine upon reading the scenario which follows, I was quite happy for the miniature fellow to have been drawn into my web, as it were. The irony may already have dawned on some of you who are quite familiar with SEO; the little spider crawling back and forth across my SEO article was quite random, very unlike the spiders which crawl our websites in order to determine keyword ranking and placement in the search engines, I thought. This was a quite distant cousin from the search engine spiders to be sure, but the red and black did hold a certain charm.

Some of these thoughts were the refocusing my attention and inspiration as they occurred to me while watching the miniscule insect as it was crawling my page in a most disorderly fashion. I had always assumed the search engine spiders searched linearly as I believed might, at the very least, be in keeping with their algorhythm, if indeed they observed no other type of rhythm. This thought, albeit fleeting enough, gave way to my wondering if the Google spiders had been searching my own site at all recently because based upon my current keyword placement (or lack thereof) I doubted that they had been by.

I had been reading the latest SEO chronicles and following the SEO gurus, especially keying on some of the changes in the Panda and Penguin Google algorhythms forecasted by Matt Cutts of Google in a recent video. I had already adopted as gospel the announcements I had read prior to watching the video and changed my site accordingly. However, as yet, I had seen no indication that any of these projected changes had been implemented. I was certainly anxious to see some positive movement for my coveted keywords.

So I saved my partial article which is still to be found unfinished within my documents, I pulled up the Google search bar and typed in Inexpensive SEO, L A. Whoa! I had moved all the way from page 15 to page one Google overnight! Obviously the changes Google had promised had been implemented, in spades. Red zipped across my screen again just then and I wanted to pick up the little fellow and pet him. I typed in the other keywords I had been prioritizing to find similar advancement and nearly broke my own arm patting myself on the back.

That is when I realized the credit goes to Good Old Google. They are for the first time, demanding actual content and prioritizing it over links and contrived repetition in social pages and other tricks. Expecting web designers and site owners to be able to write down in a logical and readable form whatever message they wish to convey. What a concept! I knew many web designers and owners were going to run from this challenge like Li'l Miss Muffet from a black widow! "This is fresh meat for my web, Red," I announced to my little friend.

Then, to finish the story we started here, most people are unaware of the more detailed explanation of the Little Miss Muffet rhyme. The more popular version suggests that Dr. Muffet, a 17th century entomologist who wrote the first catalogue of English spiders, had a daughter named Patience. He had accidently let a couple of his study subjects get away from his lab one day. One of which, apparently, had frightened the little Miss Muffet enough that she had run away; this happened while she had been relaxing on her little tuffit, quite enjoying a nice bowl of curds and whey. Sad to say! I'll complete this rhyme another day!

Later in life, the young Miss Muffet would exhibit no arachnophobia whatsoever. She actually smashed a rather large black widow spider which was crawling up one of her servant girl's legs with her own bare hand. Unfortunately the venom from the black widow flowed into an open sore on the young servant girl's thigh and she perished. This time, fear of prosecution, rather than arachnophobia, frightened Miss Muffet away! Her father disowned Miss Muffet, in spite of the fact that he had let the black widow lose during the morning brunch as a prank.

I'm quite sure there is a moral here somewhere but I have yet to put it into words. If you see it more clearly than I, please share it here so we may all learn the instruction to be derived with whatever clarity you can provide. For my part making a new friend…, ops! Where did he go? He's red dotting in the corner! Well, especially moving into sight again on Google, is progress enough for one day.
Comment posted on 03/21/2017
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